Toby Wayne Studios
About us...
Toby Wayne Studios is owned and operated by Oregon based Toby Wayne Larson.

With a love of horror and sculpture, Toby combines the two to create high quality collectible busts, masks and various other forms of horror-inspired artwork.

His talent for capturing the terrifying and disturbed in clay and resin ensures you will be getting a truly twisted piece of horror for your collection.

The signature trait among all the products is the utmost care and attention to detail. From the finest textures on every surface of our sculpts, to the final paint and finish work -- he doesn't compromise on quality!

Multiple hours go into each piece to establish realism. Silicone molds are made of every original sculpture and each one is poured out of a top-grade resin.

Every sculpture, collectible & mask is completely handmade by Toby 100% from start to finish. He hand paints using high quality airbrush paints and techniques, then seals them to ensure they will last.
Toby as his original character "Sludge" as seen in the Nightmare Factory
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